Cannot Have Prime Without Amazon!


When looking at this case study that was put together by Amazon, I first thought to myself why they would need a second place to set up shop and get products shipped out…. Then it hit me, Amazon is one of the world’s biggest brands according to their case study and that is not wrong, I alone use Amazon all of the time as I made a purchase earlier this morning for my room because they have everything you can think of for any part of your house, clothing, shoes, etc. you name it.

Here is a short clip of a product from Amazon itself.

I would say when reading the aspect of creating a little buzz, this is when the PR aspect of the case study would come into play because in order to create a buzz you have to know how to use social media and ways to get word out in the light to get people talking about it. When they were taking location offers this added the buzz of new job opportunities opening up for people who were looking for jobs to get along the way. So therefore, the PR people within the company could then use that to get word out to the people who were in those communities needing any work, it would be the perfect solution to a tough living situation for some families.

Amazon to expand later this year

With that being said though comes some responsibilities that would be coming along for the challenge, people were talking about the wrong type of buzz with situations that could possibly go south so then they would have to look at those states and maybe pass on them or stick with them and give them the chance to become great as well. They decided to pick two locations to place the shop and start another headquarter and those places were Arlington, Virginia and New York City. NYC was going to be great for all of their publicity, PR platforms that they could build and new job opportunities, if you ask me about it than that is what I think the reason behind them picking the location was because it had everything they need in there backyard.

Social Media platform would be perfect in a city like New York because that is where a lot of businesses spend their free time now a days and how they make connections with other across the globe. So, I think that they picked the best destination that they could have chosen. Although they had a little of a fall out and had to focus on just the Washington D.C. area they still made a big impact if you ask me, they also have prime video which is also ran through amazon so they really could have built up even more of a name for them as well. But like all good businesses you need to do all of the research about the city you are trying to start your business or expand it in first or else you can face some consequences down the road.

Thank you,

Ethan Swanegan

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