Blog Post #2

Good Afternoon Class!

This week for our blog for COM 309 we are supposed to pick a topic that we have discussed this week that we find interesting to ourselves and dive deeper into the meaning behind it. I am going to be talking to you all about branding in Public Relations. I am a student-athlete here at Missouri State University majoring in Communications with a minor in Marketing but when talking about personal branding it caught my attention and was something I would like to talk more about and learn more about.

The definition of branding in PR according to our textbook is “Strategic promotion of a product, company, or person through various visual, written, and design capabilities.” (Freberg, Pg. 111). Branding is everything in the world of retail, you are constantly trying out outdo you competitor every chance that you are presented with because you never want to see them on top on you no matter how long you all have been competing. I have found that to compare to sports and more specifically football, you never want to lose to the team that you beat the prior year because then they will be able to just say that it was a wash and you are not the real deal even though that is not how you see it.  

The reason why I want to focus on the personal branding part of branding is because I think that is the most important factor when it comes to branding and the person I am going to use as an example is LeBron James and his family branding. is a website that shows you all of the key factors of the personal branding himself, over the years LeBron has been able to build a tremendous rep on and off the basketball court and it is a resume that few are going to be able to tap into and surpass. James is also looking for ways to make the community and people better which will expand his brand and what he stands for as a person.

Another person that I want to talk about when talking about branding and building their personal success is Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes has been able to drop his own personal branding logo that will only provide more windows for success and him to inspire people all across the world to be like him or even better. That is also an opportunity for him and his family to build their brand as well as his. According to Mahomes main reason of wanting to build his brand is for the fact that “I’ve been the same person since I was in third grade. I want anyone to feel like they can approach me.”

In conclusion of today’s work, I just want to say that is going to be a main motivating factor for me when it comes to building personal brands and my own brand for myself.

Ethan Swanegan.

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